MidasCore introduces industry’s first managed media converter with Automatic Detection of Link Fault and switching features. It is designed to provide high-speed recovery (less than 40 ms) of mission-critical segments within networks serving Telco/ISP backbones, cable operators, military, banking and enterprise networks.
For full auto-switch protection capability, these converters can be used with any SC SFPs/ SC Media converters with appropriate wavelength. The redundant fiber optic pathways can be routed either via strand diversity, where the secondary protection fiber circuit resides in the same fiber optic cable jacket as the primary connection, or in route diversity protection architectures where the secondary protection fiber circuit is routed through a completely different physical pathway. Route diversity ensures that physical damage to a single fiber optic cable would not shut down the secondary path as well.

Key Feature

  • Link Fault Signaling (LFS) between two redundant paths.
  • Fast Convergence from primary to the secondary fiber link (within 40 ms).
  • Alarm and status LEDs to monitor both the redundant fiber links and the twisted-pair copper link.
  • SFP slots allow flexible, cost-effective, and easy Gigabit Ethernet fiber link configuration (Optional).
  • Supports auto-negotiation of speed and duplex mode.
  • Auto MDI/MDI-X on the RJ-45 port.
  • Default Loop-guard.
  • Distance up to 20 Kms~100Kms (Transceiver dependent).
  • Built-in IP-based Web Interface.
  • Supporting remote and local management.
  • Supporting IEEE 802.3X Flow Control for Full-Duplex mode.
  • SNMP Read /Write monitor / private Enterprise MIB.
  • Broadcast / Multicast / Unicast storm control.
  • Management Packet Priority.
  • Management VLAN / 16 IEEE 802.1Q VLAN groups.
  • Port Based VLAN function, adding and removing tags from frame.
  • Vlan Stacking/ Q-in-Q IEEE 802.1q & IEEE 802.1p.
  • MFB11 support IEEE 802.3u OAM / Loop Back Test.
  • 9K bytes jumbo frame pass-through.
  • Firmware upgrade via remote Web interface.
  • Egress/Ingress rate limit on both TX and FX.
  • Supports Port Status / Statistics on both Ethernet and Fiber interface.
  • System Reset default via push button.
  • Speed duplex mode configuration / Flow Control setting.
  • Event trap and SNMP trap support /Community Read / Write.
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