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Midascore Technology will pursue several objectives that will allow them to quickly gain market penetration.
The first objective is to offer a high value, high quality product for the telecom industry.

Our Capabilities

Intelligent Design and Products

For years, Midascore has been a leader in the ever-changing telecom environment and has stayed ahead of competitors by paying close attention to customer needs. We listen to customers, and that’s why we created the Intelligent products . It is why we developed our Business /Industrial Class solutions , to establish a framework to offer new, innovative solutions

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Realizing Your Strategic Vision

The next step to realizing your strategic vision and creating a highly productive and efficient Telecom infrastructure is to collaborate with a network and telecom solutions expert that understands your long-term business goals and how to maximize your business's success. As a trusted advisor, Midascore can help you to build a sustainable network infrastructure that will solve more than just your current needs , so you can develop and implement an IT business plan that is primed to address future challenges and support new technologies.

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Midascore anticipates customer needs and meets them as soon as possible. The Intelligent custom Design gives Enterprises/Corporates the agility they need to “future-proof” their operations and move their businesses forward.

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Our Esteemed Products

MPLS VPN Router Series

MidasCore Introducing a new MPLS VPN Router Series which Configure Concurrent Tunnels: 40 IPSec + 20 PPTP or other combinations within the memory’s limitation.

ADLF Fiber Media convertor

MidasCore introduces industry’s first manageable media convertor, a new product made for redundant fiber connectivity, with easy detection of fiber fault rate.

Industrial High Surge protection SMPS POEs

MidasCore has invented these high protection SMPS based solution for the protection required at high surge/ESD sites and it's a universal switching-mode power supply.

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about us

Midascore Technology is a leading technology company that has worked closely with almost all large telecom operators in India to enable them to deliver services to their customers. Midascore has deployed access solutions for operators at more than 1,00,000 sites in India including wired & wireless access technologies. The company offers products and services for the Telecom Service Providers, Enterprise & Retail segments.

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