Cost-effective IPv6 Managed Gigabit Switch Solution for SMB: Nowadays, lots of electronic products or mobile devices come with Internet access, which means the need of IP address increases. However, the current IPv4 network infrastructure is not capable enough to provide IP address to each single user / client. The situation forces the ISP to build the IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) network infrastructure speedily. To fulfill the demand, MidasCore has released the IP v 6 management Gigabit Ethernet Switch, the MCSW-2402, which supports both IPv4 and IPv6 management functions. It can work with original network structure (IPv4) and also support the new network structure (IPv6) in the future. With easy and friendly management interfaces and plenty of management functions included, the MCSW- 2402 is the best choice for Companies , Coffee-Net to build the IPv6 edge service and for SMB to connect with the IPv6 network.

Diversity for Multiple Applications Firepro: M CSW-2402 is a 13.3” rack mount sized, Layer 2 / Layer 4 Full Managed Gigabit Switch, which can handle an extremely large amount of data in a secure topology linking to an Enterprise backbone or high capacity network server with 48Gbps switching fabric. The powerful features of QoS and network security offered by the MCSW-2402 perform effective data traffic control for ISPs and Enterprises VoIP, video streaming, and multicast applications. It is ideal for the remote access layer of campus or enterprise networks and the aggregation layer of IP metropolitan networks.

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